Interactive Sculptures

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 Light Waves
Mesh DayNight


Metal Sculptures

Metal Sculptures

[img src=]1990GalaxyDDF2003
Light with steel and glass sphere<br /><br />This spiral galaxy is lit from within, the light creates stars within the galaxy and the projection of the light around the room creates a larger universe. <br />
[img src=]380Pythagorean Solids
Light with steel<br />Around 500 B.C. the Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras and his followers discovered these 5 regular solids. There exist only 5 regular solids defined as symmetrical, three-dimensional forms whose sides are made up of the same regular polygon. <br />These shapes fascinated the Pythagoreans. Four of the solids were given identities with the 4 “elements” that at the time were Earth, Fire, Water, and Air. The fifth element they decided must correspond to the substance of heavenly bodies or the unknown, mystically referred to as the Cosmos.<br />
[img src=]310Transformation
Light with steel
[img src=]220Birth of Venus
Light with steel and plastic
[img src=]250Birth of Venus
Light with steel and plastic
[img src=]190Reverse Photosynthesis
Multicolored lights with steel and glass
[img src=]150Blast
Light with steel and filled with ~100 light bulbs
[img src=]140Blast
Light with steel and filled with ~100 light bulbs
[img src=]110Cosmos
Light with steel<br /><br />The 5th element of the Pythagorean Solids and represents the unknown. When it was first discovered by by Pythagoras he thought that this shape and what it represented was dangerous. Therefore, ordinary people were to be kept ignorant of its existence. The existence of the unknown and irrational was seen as threatening, a small hint that that their world view might not make sense.
[img src=]130Cracking
Light with steel
[img src=]110Cracking
Light with steel
[img src=]120Cubes
Light with steel
[img src=]110Inner Light
Light with steel
[img src=]100Inner Light
Light with steel
[img src=]150Intertwining Spirals
Steel<br />6'x4'x4'
[img src=]110Rusty Bust
Steel<br />3'x1'x1'

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